Attention is Life Force

Attention is the life force that animates us, and for that matter - everything in existence.

When people talk of chi, qi, prana, kundalini, the holy spirit, etc., they are talking about Attention.

Attention is the directed flow of awareness. Awareness is the source of creation.

It is the light - the pure intelligence, the love that is fundamental to all of creation.

It is what is looking through your eyes at these words right now.

Once a person realizes this, they begin to realize how important it is to develop self-awareness. They begin to realize how much of their consciousness is "unconscious", that there is a lot that they do not know about themselves that is limiting them and even harming them.

To the degree that one is aware - they are "alive".

When we say someone is "bright" there is a hint in the very description as to what that means; The light of awareness is clear in them.

So if self-awareness is so important - what blocks self-awareness and hinders the flow of attention?

Identity. The limiting ideas about self, the limited self-image. Limiting beliefs that define us and limit our self-definition act as resistance to the flow of life force. This is why so many people feel uninspired, stressed or fatigued in modern society. This is why there is so much illness.

When a person lets go of these self-definitions and experiences their Self as awareness, a magical life of freedom, joy, creativity, fulfillment and self-mastery begin to unfold. They realize as a first-hand experience - that they are not a mind, a body, or any thoughts they have about themselves.

Having this experience and integrating it as "normal" has been historically very difficult and rare. Thanks to the Self Discovery Techniques that has changed and it is available to anyone sincerely ready!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!