Being The Change

The Mahatma (great soul) Gandhi said that "we must be the change that we want to see in the world". These are the words of a man who understood consciousness.

So many people believe that it is what they do that defines them and their results in life. This is "living backwards" - people that understand consciousness know that it is the level of being that they are operating at that determines the results that they create in their life.

Any good physicist knows that it is vibrational universe that we live in and everyone knows that their attitudes determine the vibrational level that they are operating from. We can feel a person's "vibes"....meaning their state of being. Self-improvement schools have long taught that "attitude determines altitude".

Looking at a more personal level...think about those days that you produced ideal results or had a lot of fun in life and you will see that you had a "good attitude".

So, if it is this simple then why don't we just change our attitude and have great results everyday?

Well, people already had that idea and called it "positive attitude" or "positive thinking"....a lot of books, trainers, seminars, etc. trained people in this faulty and incomplete path. Did it work?

Not for one can maintain a positive attitude if they are not enlightened. Why? Because until you are have repressed, unconscious anger, fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs.

If we try to continually assert a positive attitude when we have all that other limiting, repressed stuff...eventually we have a meltdown!

So many people have tried to do this and failed. So, the answer? is the only true and lasting answer for the sanity and wholeness of humanity...


It is to go beyond having any repressed, resisted or unconscious aspects of the mind. To know all of our self and be totally self-aware.

Only then can we effectively manage our states and therefore create our reality easily and joyfully without automatic, unconscious sabotage patterns taking us over and running us.

Enlightenment is the state of EFFORTLESS, AWARE BEING....of "NO MIND".  From that state we can create anything we choose to...

Very, very few people have integrated this state yet...but we are quickly and effectively working to change that!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!