Creating from Source, Creating as Consciousness

To create from Source is to create from awareness without definition. It is to create and experience the creation as real NOW. There is no time when creating from Source. It is real now.

To create an intention is to decide to believe something that has been imagined.

A decision is a concentration of attention into a singularity, a “point”. To believe means to decide to hold a belief as real now and to follow any intuitive guidance in order to manifest the outcome. The critical factor is that there is no time…the creation exists internally as real in the present.   

There is no “working on” creating an intention….it is created NOW - then you commit attention to it to strengthen the belief on-goingly until there is no doubt, no resistance….clear certainty. If resistance arises, it is acknowledged and attention is shifted back to the intention until there is no resistance.

Trying to believe, working on creating something, building a belief, is coming from consciousness, from identity. There is a forcing or overcoming, efforting and a sense of time in the creation. One is overcoming their own dis-belief. There is a feeling of working on it until there is certainty…as if a belief must be built over time!

How long does a decision take?

How much time does it take to decide?

Does it take time to decide to be certain?

Deciding is a deliberate focus of attention on a single-pointed possibility out of all possibilities. The act of taking infinite possibilities and limiting it down to the chosen one only. It is to take attention off of anything other than the decided belief, the intention.

To believe could be said “to become”. It is to be one with the decision. You be the intention as Source. As the will - You direct all of your attention to the intended outcome and decide that it is real now. To decide is closure, it is final, it is done. It is to get all the attention on the intention. To create as Aware Will is to imagine, to decide, to create and merge with the belief and commit attention to it until it is realized.

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