Cults, Gurus, Victims, and more!

Can any self-respecting person really believe they can be swayed into being made into victims by gurus and cults in the super-suspicious world we live in? ..... Get real!

This is a question that any fairly intelligent person can answer with a resounding NO!

As a self-proclaimed "guru" pretending to be a leader in a movement that is creating a lot of enlightened beings, -much to the dismay and chagrin of many modern pundits and so called experts - I can tell you almost no one takes me very seriously!  An intuitive voice tells me they might be missing out on something though ...?

After all we live in a day and age where deep suspicion of anything that is too powerful or too potent blinds us from ever experiencing and finding out for our self....

Do you ever take risks that might have you take a flying leap outside of the mind-set of mass popular belief?

Most people would answer no!  Everyone is too busy listening to their "oracle", guru or favorite "pundit" on CNN, or some other false prophet.

One might as well give up all reason, intuition and wisdom after all and let the "cult of personality" of modern "popular" consciousness make all their decisions for them - right?

Whatever happened to people listening to intuitive guidance, to their own heart, their inner wisdom? 

My view on this is to start doubting the self-proclaimed experts who are acting as professional doubters!

Assert your intuitive intelligence with a little more passion and zeal!

After all, would your life be more powerful, passionate and real if you took more risk and stepped outside of the known more often?  

Some of us settle for mediocrity and we live lives of quiet desperation just as Henry Thoreau said we would.

Truly ask yourself - is it easier to ignore common sense and stay asleep at the wheel of your life?

Or, are you ready to wake up to something bolder, more courageous and more fruitful than the life offered by the pundits and "gurus" of modern pop culture?

Deep down we all know the answer...the question is - are you ready to really know, are you ready to wake up from the "dream of the matrix"?

If you are - we know the way to the rabbit hole and once you begin exploring - you will never turn back!  

Most people don't wanna know the real "secret" so they settle for old, out-worn strategies that failed a long time ago!

Wake up and explore another option....   

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to rapidly accelerate the self-mastery process!