Duality – Attraction and Repulsion

Everything in the created universe is dual in nature.  Meaning that you cannot have day without night or light without dark, there is no up without a down, nor is there "good" without "bad". This simple fact leaves us with a relative universe. Everything is because everything else is.  This is the relativity Einstein spoke of.  When we speak of anything in the created universe we are really saying "relative to this".

For example if I say that the Empire State building in NY City is big then I am saying relative to other things it is big.  It is small compared to the moon or compared to the planet Earth and it is miniscule compared to the solar system or a galaxy.

On and on this relativity goes....even galaxies are but a speck in the cosmic picture...so big and small, fast and slow are all relative.

So, how does this affect us as humans and regarding enlightenment and self-mastery?  Well, it certainly does in a dramatic way that we will explore in this article.

When it comes to creating our life...by now we know that we do this by creating our life through our choices - through our decisions and the actions that are generated by these choices.  So knowing this, then why can't we just decide to be wealthy or healthy or happy and easily create it?

Well, if we had no pre-existing beliefs that were contrary to our current intention - we could just decide to believe in wealth (or anything for that matter) and we could easily manifest it into our life.

The very fact that the physical universe is dual in nature creates this attraction/repulsion. For example, if you decide to be successful at an undertaking, if you have any limiting beliefs about that undertaking you will have to experience those and release them to move into your new intention of success.

Explore some of your own life examples; have you ever wanted something and the more you wanted it the more difficult it seemed to obtain it?  This is an example of the attraction of your desire (gravity) pulling on a creation and a repulsion that is being created from a unconscious level. This is a misalignment, a "battle" of the cosmic forces within us.

If you do not know that you (unconsciously) hold a belief that is contrary to your desire...you will be both attracting and repelling your intended creation and this causes stress and frustrated desires.

The way out is simple. Become aware of your resistance. Own it consciously. Resistance binds us to whatever we resist. It has "gravity" and that gravity "magnetically" holds what we resist in our lives.

From awareness this all makes perfect sense, so if you feel confused or resist this subject matter - just relax and get present and you will begin to feel it.  Look for examples of having dual feelings about different things that you wish to create in your life.  From self-awareness be aware of the duality of your desires and resistance.

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