Mis-alignment with our Self

Most people are not living their ideal lives - in fact many do not even know what their true ideals really are.

To live your ideal life is to live in grace - to feel aligned with life and to flow with each moment as it unfolds and direct it to the next moment by your own preference. It is being your True Self and creating and experiencing your life simultaneously to such a degree that there is no sense of self involved.

People that have experienced this "flow" often do so in moments in nature or when in love or dealing with a loved one dying or maybe even a near death experience of their own. Sometimes in sports they call it "being in the zone" and describe it as if they were observing themselves effortlessly performing brilliantly. Men in combat who do heroic deeds often describe this same state by saying that they did not have to think about what they did - it came to them effortlessly. They often feel that they did not really do anything at all and that it just unfolded in that moment.

These moments often seem "mystical" or beyond their control and therefore people often do not feel that it could be a realizable state of being for them. Very few people believe that life could always be a flow of joy and success! 

The reason that everyone does not live in a "flow" or in the "zone" is simple - they are mis-aligned with themselves.  They desire something and then they resist something else that conflicts with their original desire and this causes a battle inside themselves that is seemingly impossible to win. Stress and overwhelm are the results.

For example: If you want to create wealth and success and at some unconscious level you believe that being wealthy is greedy and selfish - then you are mis-aligned with your own desire. Even if you did create wealth, you would never really enjoy it as you would have that nagging feeling running in the background that you were greedy or selfish!

This is a simple example of a condition that is very prevalent in society and is the major cause of stress and the resulting dis-eases produced by stress.

In what ways are you mis-aligned? (hint: look at areas of your life where you feel stressed)

If the answer is so simple, why can't everyone just stop being mis-aligned?

What is the way out?

Up until very recently there were not any strategies that offered the average person a way to become fully self-actualized and to create a beyond average life of success and joy. It requires the ability to manage your own consciousness (thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, desires, resistance, etc). Historically - most of these aspects of our consciousness have been uncharted territory and there was no simple way to explore these parts of our self safely and with any kind of real ability to manage it effectively. However, consciousness has evolved and things are changing fast...

Luckily the Self Discovery Techniques came along as an answer to a collective desire to create a better way for humanity to become free, empowered and enlightened. You deserve to find out more about how they can support you. Then mis-alignment with your Self will become a thing of the past!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!