Mis-direction: the Ego's Best Strategy

Under the guise of educating, informing and supporting our society, everyday people are being lead to believe things that people in powerful places want them to believe.

If the truth is to be known - much of this rhetoric is the selfish agenda of the greedy and power-addicted.  Everyday we are being bombarded with massive amounts of information that in very many cases is mis-information - like a good magician's slight of hand - the intent is to direct attention off of the REAL ISSUES of daily living that are near at hand.

The ego loves to avoid the real issues that we as individuals and therefore as a society can handle and shift with some purposeful efforts. It wants us to focus on possible global weather disasters and that rogue asteroid that just might someday hit Earth....

Why does the ego and people who define themselves by their ego operate this way?  

Because this false sense of self needs to stay alive, it needs our judgmental attention to maintain it's structure - it needs fear and stress to keep itself in place. After all the ego is simply a collection of beliefs (a "bundle" of energy and information) that we have bought into about ourselves.

We are much greater and broader than any belief!  We are the CREATOR of beliefs!

The ego needs time in the picture - it does not deal with NOW. It needs imagined, possible horrors of the future or the terrible guilt and regret of the mistakes of the past. It is addicted to re-hashing it over and over...

The wonderful thing about living in the NOW as source over your life is that - there is no challenge that we cannot handle in the NOW moment.

By fully experiencing one moment at a time - we can handle whatever is in our space, we can handle each successive moment as we experience it fully in the NOW. 

The ego needs to imagine realities that do not even exist yet - "pain and fear fantasies"- to threaten us into taking a reactive action that usually will cause more pain and fear. Operating from fear generates more fear. Operating from the NOW as source creates evolution and with persistence - eventual success.

The other end of the ego's spectrum of operating is "pleasure future fantasy". It tells us if we just had a million dollars or that perfect lover, ideal body or that ideal car or house, everything would be fine! But in our modern hedonistic society we are beginning to see that this will never satisfy the ego and it's "more-itis" - it never has happiness, it only chases after MORE.

Being yourself - the clear, spacious "beginners mind" of enlightenment!    

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