Businesses or Teams?

The SD Business Mastery Process

The SD Business Mastery Process consists of:

  1. The Aligned Vision Process
  2. The Business Mastery Workshop
  3. Team and Individual Training.

When an organization works as an aligned team that regularly connects with their ideals, vision and a clear mission, and take effective action from this inspired state, the results are:

What is a Self Discovery Life Perspective?

Experiencing the Self Discovery Life Perspective with a Licensed Self Discovery Life Mastery Trainer is an opportunity to gain a broader perspective on your self and to better understand how you create the results that you do in your life - both those that are empowering and limiting.

You will gain a much clearer perspective in all areas of your life.

You will become much more aware of the beliefs and sabotage patterns that are limiting your progress, growth and results.

Where are we located?

Self Discovery Center
1700 N.W. 64th Street, Suite 500
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33309

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