Step 4 - Self Discovery Life Mastery Advanced Awareness Intensive

BY APPLICATION - for those who have completed the 2-Day Self Discovery Life Mastery Advanced Workshop.

  • Deepen Source Awareness.
  • Operate as Aware Will.
  • Open the main power channel in the body (the susumna).
  • Increase power, presence and creativity.
  • Manage who you are being more deliberately.
  • Realize your ideals, dreams, goals and Vision more easily.
  • Develop more deep silence and Beingness.
  • Increase your self-confidence in all areas of life.
  • Release limitations more quickly and let go of deeply held stress.
  • Live more boldly and in command of your life.
  • Clear the "heart chakra", "sexual center", "third eye chakra" - be more magnetic and have more presence.
  • Accelerate your enlightenment and self-mastery and support others to do the same by your presence.

This is a very intensive 2-day event and is by application only.

This event is for anyone who is truly committed to their own enlightenment and is revolutionary!