Are You Ready to Master Your Self and Your Life?

True Success = Effectiveness + Well Being!

The Self Discovery Life Mastery Process

The Self Discovery Life Mastery Process

ATTENTION: This Is Not A Traditional "Coaching" Or "Motivational" Training Strategy.


Since 2002, We Have Been Training People in How Human Consciousness Works - The Mechanics of Awareness, Attention, Beliefs, Intentions, Identities and How to Manage Them.

This Gives A Person The Power To Be Their Own Source, To Gain Mastery Over Their Mind, Emotions, and Attitudes, and To Be Their Own Best "Coach."

We Train You How to Master Your Life!  You Could Think Of It As Having The “Owner’s Manual” For How You Operate!

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Everyone Has Had Those Amazing "Moments" In Life Where You Feel Totally Connected to Your Inner Power.

This State of Being Has Been Called:
"Self-Actualized," "Self-Realized," "Being in The Zone," "Living in The Flow," "Peak States," "Living in The Present Moment", "Enlightenment," "Zen."

When people are operating in this "flow state," they are much more relaxed yet highly alert, present, clear, and focused – they are highly productive without stress or strain.

Their minds are quiet, and they enjoy the higher emotional states ... appreciation, enthusiasm, gratitude, fascination and awe.


This state also generates much higher levels of creativity... studies show that the right and left brain cooperate in a full brain coherence, resulting in clear, focused creative thinking.

The body systems also operate at peak performance levels, leading to healthy, vibrant vigor!

The rare few people who live this way... live amazing, fulfilling, adventurous lives!

According to behavioral science, only a tiny percentage of human beings live in this higher state of consciousness.

In fact, the vast majority of people live with stress, strain, and struggle as an everyday part of their existence ... so much so that most people believe that this low level of functioning is "normal".

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Earth sunrise more cropped!
A man standing on top of a hill with his arms outstretched.

What Might It Look Like if You Could Be in That Higher, Flow State of Consciousness at Will?

The Self Discovery Life Mastery Process is a very specific and totally unique strategy to empower people to release stress, manage their attention, and deliberately operate from these "peak states".

This strategy applies to any or all areas of your life that you are committed to take to the next level - your health, skills, career abilities, relationships, prosperity, spirituality, business success, etc.

Increasing your well-being by learning how to Master Directing Your Attention is at the very Foundation of the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process.


"The Self Discovery Techniques are beyond philosophy or psychology;

they are beyond traditional self-empowerment, hypnosis or meditation paths or spiritual training...

they are the very essence of how our mind and emotions operate -

you could call it our basic 'human software'. 

Once you master your own consciousness by practicing these techniques ...

life is an amazing adventure full of joy and success!

This is the next Evolutionary Step!"


Rob James, Creator of the Self Discovery Techniques