Self Discovery Life Mastery Workshop

Self Discovery Life Mastery Workshop

The 13 highly effective "Self Discovery Techniques" were developed from many years of intensive exploration and research into the most subtle “secrets” of consciousness.  They effectively empower you to tap into and harness the unlimited potential of your "true self", to live life deliberately – to create the life you choose to experience, your ideal life.

  • Create more loving, fulfilling relationships.
  • Create more purpose and passion in your life.
  • Be more efficient and effective.
  • Get more done with less stress and effort.
  • Create better health, more energy and a greater sense of well-being.
  • Develop more ease and abundance with finances.
  • Enjoy more focus and peace of mind.


Practicing the Self Discovery Techniques Supports You To:

  • Connect to and operate from a wiser, more powerful aspect of yourself, “the silent, still unbounded awareness beyond words, ideas and emotions”.
  • Learn about the subtle mechanics of your own consciousness and how to manage it deliberately.
  • Learn how to manage the mind.
  • Eliminate stress and experience deep peace and well-being.
  • Learn how to discover and release unconscious, limiting beliefs.
  • Develop deliberate, powerful belief in any area of life you decide to and overcome obstacles.
  • Learn how identities operate and how to manage who you are being deliberately and effectively.
  • Overcome old sabotage patterns, addictions and fears through your own self-determination.
  • Have a "tool kit" – a strategy that will always support you in deliberately creating your ideal life.
  • Become the sovereign creator of your own life and inspire and support others to do the same by your example.


When the Self Discovery Techniques are practiced a little every day, empowering life changes are experienced.

Life begins to improve naturally as the stresses and fears that unconsciously sabotage your joy and effectiveness are released and a happier more real you is realized.


The Self Discovery Life Mastery process consists of a progressive series of step-by-step Workshops and Events that lead to the Self Discovery Enlightened Heroes Community.


Advanced Events include in-depth explorations and integration of Masculine and Feminine roles on

The "Archetypal Tree" of Human Consciousness.