The Shadow Self

The Shadow Self

The body/mind is in the projection of our consciousness and stores the judgments that we hold onto throughout our lifetime(s). 

As these judgments (limiting beliefs) accumulate, they are experienced in the body as contractions (stress, fear, pain, obsessive desires, emotions, addictions, etc.). Ultimately they are the source of all our problems in life such as disease, stress, and limitations. They absorb and block our creative power and steal our natural feeling of well-being.

When we become aware of the body/mind at deeper and deeper levels, these creations that are stored in layers, begin to resurface to the level of conscious awareness to be released. 

As they are rediscovered and released our creative power begins to flow naturally once again and our sense of youthful vitality and well-being are restored.

The Self Discovery Techniques are the most direct, effective and efficient way to regain this natural process and restore our life to self referral, self mastery and joyful success. 

By practicing the techniques regularly we begin to take command of our healing and evolvement and it becomes a natural habit. 

Higher and higher states of joy, fulfillment and creative power unfold themselves as part of our innate nature, our true self.

This process has been described by the great masters, yogis, and sages throughout time and has been called many things: Nirvana, enlightenment, self-actualization, living in grace, samadhi - it naturally empowers us to our maximum potential.

A person with their arms crossed and the words " stored judgements, pains, fears ," are shown in an image.