Introduction & Life Perspective

Introduction & Life Perspective

The Introduction is an overview of the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process, including how the Foundation of Self Discovery and the Shadow Self work.


This includes exploring the Sacred 7 Core Values and answering the 4 Questions.

What is a Self Discovery Life Perspective?

What is a Self Discovery  Life Perspective?

Experiencing the Self Discovery Life Perspective with a Licensed Self Discovery Life Mastery Trainer is an opportunity to gain a broader perspective on your self and to better understand how you create the results that you do in your life - both those that are empowering and limiting.

You will gain a much clearer perspective in all areas of your life.

You will become much more aware of the beliefs and sabotage patterns that are limiting your progress, growth and results.

You will create a vision that is based on your core ideals that inspires you to take actions that fulfill more of your potential.

You will decide on an action plan based on clear intuition – empowering you to create intentions and goals that are in alignment with your true vision.

Going through this Self Discovery Life Perspective will give you much better insight into where you currently are in your life, and you will become clearer and more inspired to create your ideal life!

Your Complimentary Self Discovery Life Perspective can be done in person or by telephone.