The Sacred 7 Core Values

The Sacred 7 Core Values
A man standing on top of a hill with his arms outstretched.


Courage: to face fear, feel it ... and direct yourself forward - in spite of it.

Honesty: an alignment with, and acceptance of, reality ... to own, feel and speak it ... as it truly is.

Integrity: an alignment of your inner character - what you believe, feel, express and live ... owning it all as wholeness.

Commitment: to give yourself fully to a decision and hold to that agreement within yourself... and persist with it... especially when you are challenged!

Duty: to carry out and live your commitment - with your attitude, efforts, deeds and the results.

Honor: to hold in highest esteem, to appreciate, admire and value highly.

Love: to be, feel, live and express all of these sacred 7 core values.


Contemplate and apply these in your own life and you will thrive in every way... as well as empower all those around you!