Getting Real

Being real with another human being is at the very basis of all valuable and lasting relationships - no matter whether it is family friends, with our lover or in business.

Yet, so few people are having this type of real intimacy with fellow human beings.

Why is this? 

Our everyday ego/identity self has no desire for us to be real with others. Since it believes that we are separate and it wants to keep it that way - it has personal agendas as it's underlying operating motive. What's in it for me? This is the mantra of the ego.

To be connected and real and intimate with another person is very threatening indeed to our ego self! Yet isn't it what our heart longs for? - to feel a connection with others and nature and to feel a sense of belonging and unity.

Some might say that this drive to feel connected is the very force that is motivating everything. Maybe as the masters and sages have always taught - unconditional Love truly is the ultimate power.

But beyond sweet ideas and mushy feelings, what is a realistic plan to INTEGRATE with others? How do we learn to trust and to feel safe and to be OK with intimacy?

If it were totally safe wouldn't all of us want to be vulnerable and real and loved and loving?

There is just too much pain in there for most people to live this way.

The way out?  It is to learn how to re-connect to the wholeness that is at the foundation of our life and to learn how to allow it to integrate within our mind and dissolve the fear and limitation. 

This heals all wounds and makes everything work out in a seemingly magical way, and no, it does not have to be labeled as being spiritual or religious!

In fact it is the most practical, powerful and effective way to live our life!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!