Growing Pains

Along the path we will inevitably hit "growing pains". They can be different for different people, however, in the end there will be some common symptoms. The Yogis of the Himalayas spoke about awakening Kundalini (Life force, Chi, Flow of Attention). They said that once it is awakened that sometimes "it can feel like a lion eating its way through the resistance in the body."

Now, a person reading this may think, "why in the hell go through such a thing?" The answer is simple: To deliberately increase their power and creativity and to become free of the pain and suffering they have stored in their body/mind (karma). In simpler terms; to get their karma (limiting creations) cleaned up and over with much more quickly!

Everyone has this stress stored in their consciousness, their body/mind. Not being aware of it is not safety or freedom from it ... it's a matter of whether you want to clear it over a few months or years or over many lifetimes!  Taking the path of deliberately evolving is intense at times and not for the faint of heart. At times it can be like riding a wild roller coaster! However, to be aware and deliberately manage your beliefs, your life, is the "fast track" to self-mastery and to fulfilling everything the heart desires.  Let me describe some of the "symptoms" of these growing pains. Headaches, tension in the back, neck or other areas. Occasional eye symptoms like blurring or pressure. You may go through stomach problems such as nausea, acid indigestion or gas, bowel problems like constipation or diarrhea, one may experience sudden sharp pains that can come and go, dizziness, pressure in the head, throat tightness or irritation. Back pain is common, as is neck pain. Hearing buzzing or sounds in the ears. Some people experience bouts of depression, rage or anxiety. Others may go through spells of apathy. So, I just have to ask this now: are we having fun yet?

I could list thousands more "symptoms".  I will also say that you must decide if you want to have them checked by a professional. I don't and have not because at a certain point I realized that it was just layers of stress peeling out of the body as my chi increased and it was pushing through these blockages. Also, I find that when you are looking for problems, you find them! I won't say that all doctors are doing that ... but many are looking for disease and get fixated on illness rather than health. A surgeon does not get paid without surgery and a doctor needs an illness to cure!

The attitudes I have used effectively are: "this too shall pass" and "oh goody, another layer peeling out and I'm making progress!"

Remember, I've given you my disclaimer for the medical profession; I'm not a doctor, nor do I tell people what they should do medically, you are Source you must follow your own intuition. I can tell you my experience and share my own intuitive knowledge and that I found that all the "symptoms" I had over the years (and there were many) were different types of stress releasing from the body. Doctors can surely find labels for these creations, for me that just get in my way! When it got intense I would intensify my practice and use the SD Techniques and speed up the releasing of these stored stresses.

I have seen people release almost every kind of dis-ease you can name by doing this work. Sometimes you may need a trainer to support you through really stubborn or tough creations, but I am a big believer in the power of faith and the field. I believe it is the cure for every problem!  People that don't believe this will never have to worry about it happening to them! ;)

Physical training or support almost always empower the process: exercise, massage, yoga, etc. However, beware of getting caught in the "belief solution" games out there and there are plenty! it is never the game, the gimmick, the machine, the "miracle cure" or "wonder pill" or any kind of "specialized treatment" that cures you ... it is your belief in it that creates it all!  We trainers know that and create deliberate beliefs and agreements with our clients for maximum results!

I love Harry Palmer's quote: "Karma is the ransom we must all pay for enlightenment". It is true and to develop the warrior's attitude of "bring it on" will move you through whatever you hit event faster and certainly more bravely and with more dignity.

It's all just growing pains. They are signposts along the path that tell us we are increasing the flow of our life force and it is pushing through the blocks and resistance in our body/mind. Relax; practice more and this too shall pass. And you will grow stronger and more Source as the fixed attention releases, the judgment is dropped and the creative flow returns with even more volume!

Eventually you integrate so much space, so much Source awareness, that a hurricane could come through your consciousness and you would not be deterred or harmed :)

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!