Idealism And Realism

Idealism is intuiting, imagining and believing in one's ideal, "vision” or "dream".

Realism is taking responsibility for the preparation and planning to make it happen.

Often, people fall into one or the other category. People who are idealistic tend to be "dreamers" and people who are "realistic" tend to be too caught up in the challenges and details. Knowing how to balance these two in our life will produce an ideal life that is productive and effective as well as satisfying and rewarding.

How do we know if we are an "Idealist" or a "Realist"?

Simple: If you are often bogged down in details and getting overwhelmed and are a "Realist".

If you get inspired and full of great dreams and never really make them are a "Idealist"

No one is totally one or the other, but if you get real with yourself, you can see that you lean toward one or the other. If you are a strong, clear balance of both, you would not be reading this article....You would be too busy changing the world!

How do we become balanced?

Realistic people have to find their dream and give it plenty of focused attention regularly to nurture and empower it. Idealistic people have to make plans, set doable goals, study and prepare and take actions with commitment to fulfilling their ideal.

People who actually live their dreams are always lively, happy, creative and effective. They are a rare breed that empowers everyone by their example!  All of this requires the ability to release limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns that steal our power and the energy required to fulfill our dreams. Also, one must be in touch with their intuition, imagination and their ideals.

Being Self-aware is also mandatory for one to be creative enough to live their dream. This gives meaning and purpose to one's life.

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