Infinite Power

Modern science is discovering evidence for what the sages and holy men throughout the ages have all told about in their own unique ways; that there is a fundamental source, a "grand unified field" that is the ultimate source of all of creation.

This ultimate source is said by science to be many millions of times more powerful than the atomic level of creation.

Anyone who has explored consciousness long enough or who has had a "spiritual epiphany" has experienced this field first-hand. This grand unified field is our own simple awareness...our own "being".

It is the stillness we experience when we silence the mind and experience pure, effortless being.  

Being is more fundamental than our mind, our thoughts, our ego/identity self. It is our most fundamental aspect of self and cannot be destroyed or harmed as it is beyond time, space and creation. Yet it is there all of the time in the is the awareness looking through your own eyes that is the same field of awareness looking at these words as I type them.

Observe yourself for a moment. Be present with your whole sense of self.  Now you are being that silent witness that is the source. It is simpler and more fundamental than thinking or emotion or anything else.

As a person learns how to integrate this silent awareness into their everyday life, they begin to tap into the great creative power and genius of the infinite field. As a person integrates this at deeper and deeper levels, greater and greater power and creativity, joy and freedom, genius and well-being begin to be their daily experience.

Historically is has been a challenge to integrate this infinite power into the human experience - into the brain and nervous system. It has always been a long, slow path and there have not been many highly effective strategies available to do it. Now that has all changed!  

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!