No Limiting Identities, No Problems

At the root of every human problem lies the identification with a false sense of self. This self-image that we think is our "self" is simply a "bundle" of ideas and emotions - OLD PROGRAMMING - the automatic beliefs that we hold about ourselves rather than our true self. At the most fundamental level it is simply energy and information.

Do we believe that this energy and information (our ideas, our emotions, our mind, our body) is truly who we are?

Sadly, until we have awakened to self-awareness, the answer is yes.

Most people have many "selves", many identities that they believe are who they are. This "package" of selves is called the ego self. A good way to explore this is to take a moment to notice how you behave differently with different people. Notice that you behave differently with your family than you do with a person that you find to be very sexy, or that you behave differently when with children than you do toward your boss or other business people.

Most people are not aware that they are shifting into these different selves all day long like one would change costumes. Just to start noticing this process is very enlightening indeed!  Just to catch yourself switching identities will give you big insights into how you function. Ultimately you might make different decisions if you are more self-aware of how you are acting in these different identity selves.

Another valuable exploration: What self do you shift into when under a lot of pressure or feeling overwhelmed?

So, what is our "true self"? It has been labeled as spirit by some, but in the context of the Self Discovery work we identify awareness as the true self. At the most fundamental level our own awareness is the source of thought, emotions, beliefs and of course - our "self".

In the bigger is ultimately the "Source" of everything!

It is the space that contains and connects us and all of creation.

We are this Source in our unique expression.

It is that sense of self that has been there all matter how much change you go through or how different you behave when in different selves...there is always that sense of self that is in the background as the awareness looking through your own eyes, hearing through your ears. It is our own awareness, our own "being" that is beyond ideas and beliefs and emotions. It is the "silent witness" that is ever-present. 

What is the value to know this about ourselves?

When we begin to be aware of our self, we can then begin to choose how we will behave and live in a deliberate manner, rather than let our old "programming" run our lives on "automatic". We then begin to make decisions from source awareness that are wisdom based and lead us to a better, more evolutionary life rather than more self-sabotage.

Releasing automatic behavior patterns (limiting identities) allows us to have more energy and clarity as these identities consume a lot of our energy (incessant neurotic thinking and worrying, etc).

Being self-aware is about stepping out of re-acting and moving into deliberation.  It is about taking charge over our lives rather than letting old programming make our decisions.

The Self Discovery Techniques are revolutionary and are making huge headway for humanity in this process and people are truly taking command of their lives and living deliberately and boldly! Find out more for your "self".

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to rapidly accelerate the self-mastery process!