No self, No Problem

At the root of every human problem lies the identification with a false sense of self. This self-image that we think is our "self" is at the most fundamental level simply a "bundle" of ideas and emotions.

Our true nature is pure, simple awareness. It is the attention that is looking through our eyes and hearing through our ears as well as feeling through our body.

Pure awareness is the source, the course and the goal of consciousness.

It is more fundamental than thought or emotion or sensations or the body. By learning how to dis-identify with our mind and body as our sense of self, we begin to free ourselves to vast amounts of creativity as well as profound peace and well-being. We begin to experience ourselves as spirit, as effortless being. This is "enlightenment".

We begin to see ourselves as a universal being rather than such a personal self. We see that others are our self also and experience deep love and compassion for them.

Why would anyone want to become enlightened?

What do you believe about it?

Is it real and practical?

Unraveling our sense of self from the limited, personal, ego self viewpoint to experience our blissful, powerful creative enlightened self has not been an easy task historically and was once thought of as "mystical" or "esoteric" or only for holy men and monks.

However, it is now the most practical and natural next step for humanity to conquer the challenges we face. Thanks to the Self Discovery Techniques it has become a real and doable option for everyone.

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to rapidly accelerate the self-mastery process!