Being Your Self

Throughout the ages the wise from many cultures and backgrounds have stated: “know thyself”. 

To the average person this may seem simplistic and even silly. However, sages have shown us that to truly know our Self may well have been one of the most challenging things a human being can undertake. 

I say been because in the past it was considered the most rigorous superhuman undertaking a human being could commit to. The good news is that consciousness has evolved – thanks to those who walked the path before us – and the path to Enlightenment is no longer superhuman or only for the elite.  It is now for everyone!

To know our true self and integrate into being it equates to living a life of grace, wisdom, power, creativity, joy and effortless ease. A tiny fraction of people are living this way currently and some would even say it was foolish to think it were possible … but they are just expressing a limiting belief. 

To know our self requires specific skills to deepen our self-awareness, strengthen our ability to remain present and to discover and experience our limitations and effectively release them. We must be willing to face our fears and limitations, our shadow-self. 

This is not so tough if you have the right “tools”. 

In the end, integrating being our true self is all our heart truly seeks – we may have fooled ourselves into thinking the quest was for riches, fame, excitement, sense pleasures, or power over others. 

But deep down we all know these are temporary thrills at best and the real prize is much broader and deeper than any worldly creation. 

The real quest is to know our own soul, our own true self, and to express and operate freely as that. To be the greatness we all truly are and to express that fully in the world so others may join us and be that also. 

There are little known ways to rapidly accelerate developing these abilities … 

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